Olá! My work focuses in Conservation Genetics, Island Biogeography and Integrative Taxonomy. I am interested in combining genetic data with ecological modelling techniques and morphological data for assisting conservation planning using island reptiles as privileged models.

Recently, I am interested in (meta) barcoding as a tool to uncover cryptic diversity and ecological information.
In parallel with my research, I have been deeply involved in promoting academic training and capacity building, as well as developing outreach activities to non-scientific audiences.

The Natural History of the Desertas Islands

The Natural History of the Desertas Islands represents the culmination of a project by the Cape Verdean Zoological Society entitled “Scientific Compilation (bulletin) on the Biological Diversity of the Desertas Islands – Santa Luzia, Branco and Raso in Cape Verde”, funded by the Global Environmental Facility Small Grants Programme (GEF-SGP) in 2011 and supported by the National Directorate for the Environment .

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PhD Thesis

Integrative Approaches to the Systematics and Conservation of the Reptiles of the Cape Verde Islands.

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Santiago & Fogo, Cabo Verde

Socotra, Yemen