Olá! My work focuses in Conservation Genetics, Island Biogeography and Integrative Taxonomy. I am interested in combining genetic data with ecological modelling techniques and morphological data for assisting conservation planning using island reptiles as privileged models.

Recently, I am interested in (meta) barcoding as a tool to uncover cryptic diversity and ecological information.
In parallel with my research, I have been deeply involved in promoting academic training and capacity building, as well as developing outreach activities to non-scientific audiences.

BIGFIT project

Understanding the entangled network of interactions in natural communities and how species evolve in response to factors such as competition for resources are fundamental biological questions with implications for the conservation of endemic biodiversity. Although often referred to in the literature, cases providing strong support for character displacement (CD)– the evolutionary process whereby two resource competitors diverge in phenotype and resource use facilitating coexistence–are restricted (e.g. Darwin’s finches).

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PhD Thesis

Integrative Approaches to the Systematics and Conservation of the Reptiles of the Cape Verde Islands.

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Santiago & Fogo, Cabo Verde

Socotra, Yemen